Employment and Equality Rights

Employment and Equality Rights

Most people have to work, but dealing with workplace issues can cause stress and make it difficult or even impossible to go to work. We can offer support and guidance on a range of problems you might be facing in your job - from discrimination to redundancy.

Dealing with work problems

Using our vast range of knowledge and experience, we can give you advice on your rights and options as to how to deal with all kinds of workplace issues. 

Here are some examples of how we can give you support:

  • Understanding your rights at work - this includes rights around pay, sick pay, holidays, flexible working, rights for young people, parental rights and more.
  • Advice on what to do if you’ve been dismissed including if you have been made redundant, or if you want to resign. 
  • Guidance on how to take action if you’re being unlawfully discriminated against at work.
  • Help with disciplinary and grievance.
  • Support in dealing with other problems at work, like workplace bullying or harassment, or procedural advice if you have to attend an employment tribunal and much more.