Volunteering opportunities at Inverness Badenoch and Strathspey CAB

Fancy a change?
Have some time to spare and want to use your skills to help others in your community?
Volunteering with us
What support and training would I get?


All CAB Advisers complete a comprehensive four-stage training Programme. The Certificate programme includes:


  • Training modules and observation on the advice process (interviewing)

  • Training modules on the main enquiry areas (debt, employment, benefits etc.)

  • A training course to explore and practice aspects of advising clients

  • Interview clients with close support and supervision and attending further courses as needed.

  • On-line learning modules

What do we want from all our Volunteers?



Whatever your views are, you will be expected to advise all kinds of Clients on any kind of problem they have. You will need to be prepared to examine your own views and feelings to make sure that you are able to give an equally good service to everyone.  CAB Advisers maintain impartiality and do not judge.


Equal opportunities

All Advisers are expected to carry out the CAB’s policy of equal opportunities. This means actively opposing all forms of discrimination and ensuring that the service is equally available to all people.


Everything that you see and hear in the bureau is strictly private. Every Adviser must sign and adhere to an agreement to observe a strict rule of confidentiality before they start Volunteering.  Confidentiality is essential to ensure confidence in our service.


A commitment to training

A willingness to learn and develop is central to being an effective adviser. Learning to be a Generalist Adviser involves a great deal of commitment to training and learning. Things are always changing and you will need to spend some time reading in order to keep yourself up to date. All kinds of training courses, sessions and self-study material are available for advisers to develop their skills and knowledge including online modules.

Bureau staff meetings

As part of your continuing development it is a priority to attend the bureau staff meetings. They provide a forum for training, case discussion, explanation of policy and practice, and mutual support.

Volunteer Time Commitment:


Can you spare the time and are committed to giving a helping hand, using your skills and personal experiences to help your local Community ?

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